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OUR MISSION At Universal, we believe two things. First, that bodybuilding is not just about lifting- it's about a way of life. And as a way of life, bodybuilding can play a positive role in our lives and our personal development. The strength derived and built in the gym is not just the strength of the body - it's also strength of character. The transformation that takes place applies not just to one's physique, but also one's inner fortitude. Second, that a community is always stronger than an individual. Lifting may seem like a solitary activity for many, but it dcesn' t have to be and shouldn't be. What we strive to do at Universal is bring people together, connect them, and strengthen the bonds that we all share - the bonds that are defined by the love of the iron.

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Animal Cuts (42 Packs)

$40.95 $64.95

Animal Flex (44 Packets)

$34.95 $54.95

Animal M-Stack (21 Packs)

$40.95 $64.95

Animal Pak (44 Packets)

$35.50 $59.95

Animal Pak Powder (22 Servings)

$35.50 $59.95

Animal PM (30 Packs)

$36.99 $59.95

Animal Pump (30 Packs)

$41.95 $69.95

Animal Stak (21 Packs)

$40.95 $69.95