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Core MRP (3 Lbs)

Pop quiz: what’s the absolute, without question, most critical component to achieving those roadmap veins and granite abs you have always wanted? How hard and how frequently you work your abs? The intensity of your cardio training, maybe; or the HIIT training you’ve been doing? If you said any of the above, you’re wrong – while exercise is a critical component of achieving your body composition goals, the diet remains king.

While it remains the most important component in a healthy lifestyle, a finely-tuned diet is often a difficult and impractical thing to implement. The most dedicated among us – and probably you, too – pack our fridge with Tupperware so high that chicken and plastic starts bursting through the freezer. We’ve all had the, “I eat this because...” conversation while at work, lugged our preferred food items to school, work, the park, and everywhere in between, and cursed the fact we went anywhere ill-prepared that day. There needs to be an easier – but equally effective – way, doesn’t there?

Well, at Core Nutritionals, we think we have found that better way: Core MRP. Core MRP is not only designed with optimal nutrients (macro and micro) in mind, but perhaps more importantly, it’s designed to fit in your life, not run it. Our high quality, grain-sourced carbohydrates, multiple (and rich) protein sources, premium flavors, and a plethora of extras all come in a gourmet-tasting, instantized powder – giving you the freedom to plan your favorite activities, and your diet, together.

Carbohydrate Blend

Before we begin to understand the myriad benefits of our carbohydrate blend, we first need to understand precisely what’s occurring when we consume carbohydrates on a daily basis – and in particular, when we consume them in and around (within 6h) of our workouts.

The consumption of carbohydrates, by its nature, results in an increase in the concentration of plasma glucose (or blood sugar) – and, in turn, insulin is released from the pancreas as a result. Insulin then initiates a number of signal transduction pathways related to both protein and glucose metabolism, with the upshot being increased glycolysis (degrading of glucose to ATP), glucose oxidation in response to greater glucose availability in the cell, and glycogen synthesis (the stuff that essentially makes muscles, “pop”). In other words, an entire host of both necessary and amazing things!

With that said, insulin does induce some negative effects, as well. This powerful hormone is responsible for a range of lipogenic (fat-creating) effects, including both adipocyte differentiation (turning what are known as pre-adipocytes into mature adipocytes, or fat cells), and proliferation (the expansion of cells). Insulin controls these processes by tightly regulating numerous signal transduction pathways, and is in fact one of the key hormones responsible for controlling how adipocytes function.

So, you have a hormone that, on the one hand, does a range of absolutely crucial things related to muscle and muscle cell metabolism, and on the other, does similarly crucial things related to fat and fat cell metabolism. How do we parse the good from the bad, then?

The easiest, most reliable way to ensure that these processes continue to work in favor of your body composition goals, is to very carefully and strategically select your carbohydrates sources. For us at Core, and specifically for Core MRP, this means choosing only low glycemic carbohydrates for inclusion in our everyday meal supplement.

Low-glycemic carbohydrates are ones that elicit a smaller, “glycemic” or glucose-releasing response in the body; meaning they also induce less of an insulinemic response, as well. The result is that low glycemic carbohydrates, as research indicates, not only cause enhanced fat oxidation (the literal burning of fat) when compared to high GI carbs, but also spare muscle glycogen. This result is the best of both worlds: your metabolic engine stays engaged, and the substance that gives your muscles their fullness, glycogen, is spared.

It is for the reasons above that high-quality, low-glycemic carbohydrates are such a crucial component to an excellent meal supplement. Unfortunately, that is simply not the industry trend: even a cursory glance at most, “meal replacements” reveals a litany of high-glycemic, insulin-inducing carbohydrates that, while they have their place, are completely inappropriate to include in an all-day, everyday meal replacement.

Core MRP has none of them. Instead, we have chosen only high-quality, grain-sourced, and low glycemic index carbohydrates such as oat and barley flour in our mix. This allows you to remain confident that consuming Core MRP is not only allowing you to cost-effectively and conveniently meet your caloric goals for the day, but more importantly, that our product is not compromising your hard work.

Protein Blend

If you are reading this write-up, we likely don’t need to explain just how and why adequate protein intake is fundamental to achieving your goals. With that said, you may be confused, as many people are, as to the specifics of protein consumption: which kinds of protein should we consume as athletes, and when?

Like the issue of carbohydrates, however, we need to delve into the specifics a little bit rather than providing a broad stroke answer. The word “protein,” without any qualification, is perhaps the broadest term you can possibly use when speaking about biology – to the point where asking, “How much protein should I consume, and which kind?” is sort of useless. Considering proteins are more or less complex compositions of amino acids, and considering that amino acids have different functions, what we want to ask is something similar to, “Which kinds of protein have the amino acid composition best suited to my goals, and when should I consume them?” A mouthful, but you get the point!

So, what is a, “good” amino acid composition for a protein supplement to have? Well, while biologists would never use the term, “good” they describe more robust proteins – one with amino acid profiles that can best facilitate tissue growth – as, “complete proteins.” These proteins contain high amounts of essential amino acids, are rapidly digestible, and support the available amino acid profile over a long period of time.

Simply put, and if we use the definition above, Core MRP has one of the most complete amino acid profiles available in any supplement. We have chosen a laundry list of the most biologically-available and high quality proteins to create a blend specifically catered to fuel your body’s need throughout an entire day. To both immediately increase the amino acid pool, and fuel your bodily processes (like protein synthesis) throughout the day, we’ve included an incredibly robust, multi-purpose blend using multiple forms of synergistic proteins. We’ve included two forms of the most well-studied, reliable protein available on the market in cold-processed, undenatured whey protein concentrate and cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate. To sustain you throughout the day – this is a meal supplement, after all – we have included not only milk protein concentrate, but an additional serving of micellar casein as well.

The point of an excellent meal supplement is to cover all your bases, so you don’t have to. Core MRP has a runner on every base with Babe Ruth on the plate. Our multi-stage protein blend immediately kicks into action, with both forms of whey instantly and significantly increasing the available amino acid pool – providing the building blocks your muscle requires. After the first wave, our blend then sustains your anabolic processes hours later with milk protein concentrate and micellar casein – the highest quality, slowest-release proteins available. If your body needs it, Core MRP has it.


What really takes Core MRP to the next level, separating it from every other meal supplement on the market, is attention to detail. Our included carbohydrates are from better, more intelligent sources, are proteins are more robust, and last but not least, our micronutrient blend is second to none.

Listing each of our micronutrients in succession, along with all the benefits they pose to the human body, would require us to write a book – literally. We have included everything from Vitamin A to Zinc in serving sizes that will make a difference, rather than just window dressing amounts. 

In addition to our vitamin and mineral matrix, we have also included included a digestive enzyme blend comprised by five of the most clinically-researched, critical function enzymes available. We have chosen them strategically and synergistically, ensuring they fulfill multiple functions, including, though not limited to: aiding in the breakdown of milk proteins and sugars, supporting healthy carbohydrate and fat metabolism and breakdown, and assisting in the metabolism of carbohydrates and starch.
For a more in-depth look, take a look at our supplement facts table below.